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S.A. Halac Iron Works Inc., being an integrated multidisciplinary steel company, consists of several different elements. As one of the 10 largest steel companies on the United States East Coast, we offer the luxury of conducting work on all projects within our own forces, thus providing numerous benefits to our customers from start to finish. These factors establish us with capability to custom manufacture steel components delivered to the job-site with minimal turnaround time.

S.A. Halac Iron Works Inc. has involved itself in all sectors of structural steel construction during its 24 years in the steel industry. It has been devoted to publically funded projects and developed a specialization in complex structural steel building systems during the past decade, an area in which it is considered an authority by virtue of its experience in some of the regions largest steel historical renovation projects.

The elements of S.A. Halac Iron Works Inc., consist of the following in-house services: Estimating, detailing, design and engineering, purchasing, fabrication, shipping, and steel erection.













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