S.A. Halac Iron Works uses state of the art equipment: automated "CNC" Saw, punch, cope, plate cutter, roller, angle master, cambering and shear, brake and T-Splitting. Our more than 50 very experienced, certified, and dedicated ironworkers, project managers, marketing analyst, safety director, in-house CPA and network system engineer adhere to strict quality control standards.

Our shop operations are assisted by computer software, allowing us complete control of multing, sequencing, receiving, inventory, painting, and shipping.

Our 130,000 sq. ft. facility has a total of four fabrication, two paint, and three loading bays. It is assisted by eight 5-ton and three 7.5-ton overhead cranes. S. A. Halac Iron Works' facilities collectively stock thousands tons of wide-flanged steel beams, tubes, plate, channels, angles, bars, and deck.

S. A. Halac Iron Works is dedicated to providing a total solution to all of its projects. Its aim is to keep in pace with technology while retaining close relationships with its clients.



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