S. A. Halac Iron Works, Inc. has a dynamic and committed detailing department. It employs its own CAD operators and licensed structural engineers, each with 10-20 years of industry experience.

Our drafting team stays up to date with current hardware to operate the latest versions of AutoCAD as well as SDS/2 Structural Detailing with CNC interfaces. This work is implemented by an extensive network which supports three full size drawing printers as well as a scanner. We also rely on our own in-house network system engineer to guarantee operations run as smoothly as possible.

The use of SDS/2 has phenomenally increased our productivity in the Engineering Department. Not only has our detailing productivity increased, but also checking. The drawings produced are clear and accurate. We get very few questions from the shop and field erection crews. The 3D solids modeling greatly helps in explaining complex drawing problems to engineers and architects by showing them the actual field conditions. These aspects make coordinating with the customer, the design team, and other trades; predict and solve issues before they happen through the B.I.M. process utilizing the Navis Works Software.

We keep our team on schedule, so every project remains on track and on budget, adding value to your construction dollars. We follow strict guidelines to maintain quality control and ultimately build a beautiful sound structure to last from generation to generation.





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